Things to Remember Before Undergoing LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Things to Remember Before Undergoing LASIK Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is the most popular and most effective treatment for vision problems.  Thousands of people have tried undergoing laser eye surgery and majority of them had successful results.  In this treatment, the possibility of correcting your eye problem is very high.   However, it is important that you follow proper preparatory guidelines to make sure your fit for the operation and the risk would be minimal.  Here are the things you need to remember when planning to undergo Denver laser eye surgery:

1.    Look for reputable Denver Laser Eye Surgery Clinic
About 90% of the operation�??s success depends chiefly on the doctor so better choose the best one.  Your eyes are very sensitive and a simple mistake can make you blind for the rest of your life!  Take time to ask friends for referrals.  You can also check the web for some information about the best laser eye surgery clinics in Denver.  The surgeon must be licensed and had the experience in administering the laser treatment.

2.    Undergo evaluation test
Not everyone can go through laser eye surgery.  In order for the doctor to identify whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, you must undergo the evaluation test.  You will be asked for your past medical records and your history- ailments, allergies, medications taken, etc.  The doctor will then explain to you why you are a good candidate or not and give you options.

3.    Discontinue wearing eye glasses weeks before the operation
Contact lenses may change the shape of your cornea which is vital for the operations.  The doctor needs to know exactly what the shape of your cornea is to identify the irregularities or deformities.  You can still wear prescription glasses if you have very poor vision.

4.    Don�??t use cosmetic products before the operation
Avoid applying beauty treatments like creams, lotions, perfume, and the like on the day of your surgery (even soap or scrubs).  These things can trigger infection which you don�??t like to happen.   Have enough sleep so your eyes don�??t get stressed out prior the surgery.  Your doctor will also give other instructions such as applying prescribed eye treatments.

5.    Arrange transportation
After the surgery, you will not be able to drive so make sure someone will take you home.  Prepare eyeglasses or shades that will protect your eyes from extreme sun exposure and pollution.  It�??s ideal that you come with someone (a relative or friend) to accompany you in case you need anything.

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