Life Expectancy Rises in US

Life Expectancy Rises in US

Moving up once again is the US like expectancy rate which is just broke 78 years. This estimate of 78 years and two months is for that of a child born in 2009 and has been generated by the Center for disease control and prevention in a pulmonary report recently released.

In 2009 alone about 2.4 million people died in the United States which compared to 2008 was about 36,000 less people. Experts have been analyzing everything from heart disease to homicide and may have calmed down to the explanation for less deaths overall as an increase in life expectancy. This is a result of better medical treatment, vaccination campaigns, and public health measures  opposed to smoking all combining to have a positive impact.

Over all, the US life expectancy rate has been increasing steadily since the late 1940s with occasional plateaus and small dips here and there.

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