LASIK Candidacy in Denver

LASIK Candidacy in Denver

You may have been considering undergoing LASIK surgery for as long as the procedure has been possible. In 1999, the United States FDA approved this elective procedure for widespread use and since then people have been flocking to Denver LASIK eye surgery centers in the hopes of seeing the world in a whole new and clear way.

However, you must remember that LASIK surgery is not for everyone. Not every eye condition can be helped by LASIK surgery in Denver and not every age group is a candidate. If you are under 18, LASIK surgery is not the right choice for you. Your eyes may still be growing and changing and anything that LASIK corrects can be undone if your eyes undergo more maturation. The same can be said for women in their child-bearing years who still plan to have children. Pregnancy can change the shape of the eye and like those who are under 18, corrections that LASIK in Denver makes on your vision may end up being for nothing. Nursing mothers should also wait until they have weaned to have LASIK performed. People over 60 who have cataracts also find they may not need LASIK as cataract surgery can clear up their vision problems as new artificial lenses are put in place over infected lenses. Also, if you have ever had the Herpes virus in your eye, Denver LASIK surgery can cause another outbreak so it is important to disclose to a doctor at a LASIK consultation your complete medical history.

The ideal LASIK candidate will be someone who is either nearsighted, farsighted or suffers from astigmatism. These are refractive eye problems and they are the type of eye issues that LASIK specifically addresses. Your Denver LASIK surgery doctor will warn you, however, that all LASIK can do is correct present problems. It cannot slow down the natural aging of the eye and reading glasses may be necessary later in life.

Once you have been found to be a perfect candidate for LASIK surgery and decide to go ahead with the procedure, your Denver LASIK center will go over all the details with you. From costs to credit and payment plans, you will learn all the details, especially how the procedure is done and the type of care you will need to take both before and after the surgery. Call us today if you are ready to learn more about this life changing experience so many people are raving about.

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