Do Not Let Cataracts Take Over Your Life

Do Not Let Cataracts Take Over Your Life

Cataracts are a common ailment for people over the age of 60, and for some people, it is an ailment they feel they can live with. For others, it disrupts parts of their everyday lives and becomes more than just a nuisance. It becomes something they would much rather live without and fortunately, due to modern medicine, they can.

It is not always necessary to remove cataracts because they are not known to do much harm to the eye. However, what they can do is impair vision and this impairment is not something glasses or contact lenses can fix on a long-term basis. When deciding whether or not to have cataract surgery in Denver, you must first look at certain factors about your life and how seriously the cataracts in your eye or eyes are infecting your everyday functioning. Do you feel safe while driving or are the cataracts clouding your vision so much that this is becoming a dangerous issue? Are you sensitive to bright lights and unable to see clearly in brightly lit rooms? Are faces that were once clear blurry? Can you do your everyday chores around the house with ease and are you still able to enjoy entertainment like movies and television, as well as the internet, with ease? If any of these things have become difficult for you, then your life is becoming impaired by this eye ailment and Denver cataract surgery to remove them should be a consideration.

If your cataracts have already been diagnosed, but you chose to let it go and do nothing about them because they were not interfering with your everyday life, give your Denver cataract eye surgery center a call when they do start interfering. Make an appointment to discuss surgery options, including what the surgery will entail, how it is performed and what the recovery from this procedure will be like. Once you decide that surgery is the right choice for you, it is important to follow all of your doctor�??s pre and post-op instructions to help ensure that your vision will be protected. The actual procedure is done on an outpatient basis and should take no more than an hour and you will be awake for the whole thing. Sedation is an option, but the sedation will be mild enough that it will not put you to sleep. Make sure to have a ride home from the surgery, as it will not be safe to drive immediately following it.

If you feel cataracts are a hindrance on your daily enjoyment of life and are compromising your independence, call us today and we will set you on a path to the freedom that comes with clearer vision.

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