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Cost Factors for LASIK Surgery

You may have heard for LASIK surgery for years and have friends who have undergone this procedure and raved about it, but something has always held you back from taking the plunge and finding out if this type of refractive eye surgery is right for you. One of those things could have been the cost of the surgery. Since it is an elective medical procedure often done for cosmetic purposes, it is not covered my most health insurance policies and the cost of LASIK in Denver will be an out-of-pocket expense.

Do not be fooled by the man advertisements you see with $499 in big, bold letters. The fine print will tell you this is $499 per eye, since LASIK is priced on a per eye basis. But, Denver LASIK is also priced according to what type of package you choose, the type of LASIK you have and also the extent of your vision damage. The more involved the procedure, the more it will cost you. Typically, for both eyes, LASIK can cost anywhere between $1600 and $2400. Now, there are people who do qualify for that oft-advertised cheaper price, but it is very rare.

While many people are able to pay such an amount up front and in one fell swoop, most Denver LASIK surgery doctors understand that this is a large expense that can take a toll on a pocketbook. That is why many accept payment plans and even offer third party credit opportunities with no-interest deals for a specified amount of time. Many patients are often able to get their payments down to $45 a month and then the procedure looks much more appealing�??and affordable.

Some people find if they average out the cost for new glasses with possible designer frames each year, as well as regular eye exams and find the cost of LASIK will be more economically sound for them in the long run. With the price factor of Denver LASIK eye surgery cleared away, it is time to get excited about the prospect of the new life you will have after undergoing the procedure. You will no longer need to worry about losing or breaking glasses, and then having to replace them. Soaking contact lenses in solution will be a thing of the past, as will the time you take each morning putting them in. The world will look clearer and crisper than you ever remembered it and in a few years you will barely remember the time when glasses and/or contact lenses were a major part of your daily life.