Wheat Ridge

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Wheat Ridge is a unique city. The city focuses heavily on nature, art and history, making it an exciting place to visit and a wonderful place to live.

With over 20 parks, Wheat Ridge takes advantage of its natural beauty.  While all of the parks have something to offer residents, Discovery Park is probably the finest. This park is full of amenities for residents to enjoy. For instance, people can go on the walking trails, play at the skate park, or enjoy the splash pad.

Wheat Ridge is also home to the James H. Baugh House. This house is part of the National Register of Historic Places and the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties.  The home consists of a log cabin that that is encased in a frame farmhouse. The cabin was built in 1860 and the house was built in 1904.

Wheat Ridge also has a thriving art scene. Local artists proudly display their work in front of their homes, and the city has even started taking pictures of these works of art because they are so impressive.

Options for LASIK Wheat Ridge in our Local Suburb

While Wheat Ridge has a lot to offer residents, you have to be able to see it to enjoy it. LASIK eye surgery can help. If you get laser vision correction surgery, you can enjoy all of the things the city is known for, without being burdened with glasses or contacts.

Simply make an appointment at an eye care center so you can get your sight back. Then, you can see firsthand how the local artists have dressed up Wheat Ridge, or watch as your child plays at Discovery Park. You will have every option in the world, because you will be able to see.

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