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At less than two and a half square miles, Sherrelwood is a census-designated area. While the area may be small, residents enjoy the fact that is located in the middle of Colorado. That gives people easy access to all of the things that Colorado has to offer. Whether people want to hit the slopes, visit a museum, enjoy some art or spy on some wildlife, Sherrelwood puts them in the perfect location to go out and explore.

Residents don’t have to leave their comfy confines to enjoy some activities, though. Sherrelwood Park is a favorite for locals. Entire families can go to the park and spend the day out in the beautiful Colorado weather. This is a great way to spend some time relaxing, and it proves that you don’t need the flashing lights of the bit city to have fun. All you need is your family, some friends, the great outdoors, and all of your senses to take everything in, and you will be certain to have a great time. You will also be certain to make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Most people have the senses of hearing, taste, smell and touch under control, but they lose it when it comes to sight. Because of that, they can’t enjoy all of the things Sherrelwood has to offer. They can smell the air, but they can’t see how the clouds float through the blue sky. They can touch the trees, but they can’t see how the leaves are changing. With that in mind, a lot of people choose to get LASIK eye surgery. Then, they can experience the green grass, blue skies, and tall trees in Sherrelwood and the rest of Colorado. They can also see the smiles on their family members’ faces when they are at Sherrelwood Park, or packing up for a ski trip.

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Fortunately, it’s easy to get laser eye surgery in Sherrelwood. Simply contact your neighborhood eye care center and make an appointment. Then, you may have 20/20 vision in no time at all.

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