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Perhaps the main draw of Northglenn would be the more than 500 acres of natural parks located throughout the city and surrounding county. Located less than ten miles to the north of the city of Denver, Northglenn is conveniently close to the metro area, the ball parks, and much more. Some of the natural activities to enjoy in the town include Croke Reservoir, Webster Lake, and E.B. Rains, Jr. Memorial Park. You can stroll along the shores of a lake, fish on the water, watch for unique Colorado wildlife, and picnic with views of the mountains.

Northglenn is also a part of the well known greenway system in Denver and surrounding areas. You can easily take your bike along a trail and pedal all the way to the metro area of the city if you would like. Whether you enjoy a natural or urban setting, you can get there along the miles and miles of bike trails available to you.

Because Northglenn is a planned community, it gives residents easy access to business and medical care options. Whether you need LASIK eye surgery, or you want to buy a brand new bike, you will find places to shop right in your town. Even if you can’t find the right business, then a fifteen minute drive will take you into Denver, where you can locate anything else you may be looking for.

If you live in Northglenn and you are interested in laser eye surgery, then call (303) 586-6455 to schedule a consultation. When you come in for an appointment, you will talk with a licensed surgeon to cover all the details of your procedure. You don’t have to spend a moment more being unable to see. LASIK will offer you a whole new perspective on the Rocky Mountains, the wildlife, and the scenery.

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