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If you want to enjoy a taste of the Old West that everyone expects from states like Colorado, that is what you will find in Golden. This city has kept the west alive with streets that feel like gunfighters could step out at any moment and architecture that is a step into the past. Golden also offers a variety of outdoor activities, including Clear Creek Trail, acres of open space, miles of bike paths, and even whitewater rafting. To enjoy all of these things a little more, make sure you can see them correctly. With laser eye surgery, you won’t even have to worry about glasses.

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Some of the other things to do in Golden include Fossil Trace Golf Course, one of the top links around. Additionally, you can enjoy the Golden History Museum and learn more about the western past of this city. If you enjoy a cold one every now and then, try going on a tour of the Coors Beer factory, where you can learn how they “Tap the Rockies” and offer a variety of beer products internationally.

During the summer months, you can attend the Golden Music Festival, where you will be able to enjoy a selection of well-known folk and bluegrass artists. The festival is held outdoors and offers plenty of enjoyable foods and activities for the whole family.

LASIK eye surgery is available to you in Golden as well. With this high tech procedure, you can have permanent results. Of course, you may have questions about laser eye surgery, and you should get those questions answered. Call (303) 586-6455 for a consultation. When you meet with us, you will get to talk directly to an experienced surgeon who will be able to explain LASIK to you in detail and show you how the results can change your vision.

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