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Whether you love the great outdoors, the arts, or the security that comes with a tightknit community, Englewood is a great place to call home. This small community’s strong identity has prevented it from being dwarfed by nearby Denver. You can experience that identity each time you step out of your front door. You’ll just need to use your senses to enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and the amazing works of art.

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Part of the identity comes from the natural beauty in Englewood. You can find that beauty at the one of the many parks or bike trails, or at the Broken Tee golf course. You can also enjoy the beautiful skyline at the Pirates Cove Aquatic Center. Regardless of the option you choose, you will be subjected to bright colors that only nature can create. These colors can’t be mimicked on a painter’s easel or even captured in a camera, so it is up to you to hold on to them in your memory.

Englewood’s identity also comes from its strong sense of community. The Englewood Community Garden is a great example of that. This garden was established in 2010, and focuses on organic gardening methods. It really shows Englewood’s commitment to the environment, and it is a great way for neighbors to get to know one another.

You need all of your senses to be in top form in order to take in all of these sights. With that in mind, consider getting LASIK eye surgery. Then, Englewood will truly come alive. Whether you are flying down a slide at the aquatic center, coming up on the green at the golf course, or strolling through the park, everything will be in full color. Then, you will realize how lucky you are to call Englewood, Colorado home.

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