Colorado Springs

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Just about an hour to the south of Denver and in the shadow of Pike’s Peak is Colorado Springs. This stately city offers so much to see and do that no resident will find a moment dull or boring. If you live in Colorado Springs, then you could spend the day visiting Pike’s Peak, and you can go to the top of the giant mountain if you are daring. Other things to do include Seven Falls, the Manitou Cliff Dwellings, and the Cave of the Winds.

To see something truly unique, visit the Garden of the Gods, just outside of Colorado Springs. The natural rock formations are breathtaking and they provide plenty of photo opportunities. Biking and motor trails wind between the formations so that you can enjoy the sites at your own leisure. If you want to enjoy the views even more, then make sure you can see the Garden of the Gods, and you can do just that, without glasses, thanks to laser eye surgery.

If you enjoy shopping and dining, then visit Old Town Colorado Springs, where you can window shop or visit a variety of artisan markets and you can dine at different restaurants and cafes. Colorado Springs is convenient to Denver if you would like to visit the city, as well as Rocky Mountain National Park if you want a closer look at the snowcapped peaks.

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LASIK eye surgery can give you the vision you need to enjoy Pikes Peak and the others sites of Colorado Springs. This surgery is the most successful way to permanently repair your vision, and you won’t have to continue wearing glasses or contact lenses. To schedule your consultation, call (303) 586-6455. You can speak to a licensed LASIK surgeon who will be able to tell you how this procedure can be of benefit to you.

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