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Nestled comfortably between Denver and Golden, Applewood is a mostly suburban town, offering a variety of different eating establishments as well as a close proximity to everything to do in the city, like Casa Bonita, Sports Authority Field, the Denver Zoo, and the Coors Beer Factory.

Plenty of businesses make their home in Applewood, including options for laser eye surgery, medical facilities, and retail outlets. You can find a variety of places to eat, including ethnic and American variety dining establishments.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, Applewood and the surrounding area is just right for you. Close by you can find Barr Lake State Park for a variety of different activities, including boating, hiking, and biking. Castlewood Canyon is close by as well, where you can hike the depths of this breathtaking natural canyon. Denver and close by towns are known for miles and miles of bike trails that wind through natural surroundings as well as the urban cityscape. Bike every day and you can see something new each time.

Whenever you want, you can drive to the Rocky Mountain National Park in just around an hour. There, you can enjoy the snow covered peaks, the unique wildlife, and tundra plants that will all leave you in awe each time you visit.

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Applewood is close enough to Denver to make traveling to the city easy. You can choose LASIK eye surgery in the city so that you can enjoy all of the beautiful scenery Colorado has to offer. You don’t have to suffer from poor vision for another moment. If you have questions, fears, or concerns, then don’t worry. When you call (303)586-6455 and schedule a consultation, you will get to talk with a licensed and trained LASIK surgeon. You can get all of your questions answered before you schedule your surgery.

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